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February 19, 2013 | By administrator


New Visions Studio & Gallery presents their March exhibit “Not Your Average Art”, on view March 1st through 29th with an opening reception on First Friday, March 1st from 6pm until 10pm. The reception will have free food and drink and opportunities to chat with the artists. The exhibit features artwork by four local artists: Brendan Howells, Misha Howell, Allison LaRussa, and Sean McHale and features an acoustic music performance by Raf Pimentel of Silhouette Lies.

BHowells_UntitledBrendan Howells of Scranton graduated from Marywood University with a Bachelor’s degree in Illustration. In this exhibit, Mr. Howells will be showing a collection of ink drawings. From his artist statement:

“I try to combine symbolic elements and scientific principles (anatomical, chemical, and mathematical) in a surreal way to demonstrate the interconnectedness of the universe and our consciousness.”





MHowell_UntitledMisha Howell was born in Scranton and grew up poor in the Abingtons. She confidently speaks of not “fitting in” as a teenager, who has struggled with self-destructive tendencies since the age of thirteen. She sees herself as a unique individual and “perfectly flawed”, getting these words tattooed on her back. This is Miss Howell’s first time exhibiting her artwork and she feels an emotional attachment to the collages that will be on view at the downtown gallery. She calls her artwork “by no means mainstream” and an “insight into my brain”.


ALaRussa_girlAllison LaRussa of Dunmore graduated from Marywood University with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. In this exhibit, Miss LaRussa will be showing her newest collages and multi-media works. Her work focuses mostly on female figures and handcrafted items such as jewelry and other adornments. From her artist statement:

“Our minds-constantly rotating, absorbing emotion, feeling- enduring fear, destruction and struggle. By creating texture and fine detail, I aspire to reveal these intricacies, delve within them through my work as a means of beauty.”



SMchale_UntitledSean McHale of Scranton is a graduate in graphic design, who began creating his own art to further demonstrate his talent. Sean is a seasoned exhibiting artist, previously showing his work at venues such The Keys, The Bog [Art Wall] and Visions Burn Tattoo and Gallery. His work combines the tools and disciplines he has learned while tapping into his own unique vision to create a delicate yet powerful persona; characters showing the strength to endure, yet vulnerable to the touch, an exploration of dark and destructive beauty. From his artist statement:

“My inspiration from the works that I show comes from personal loss, love and anger. Sometimes even a combination of the three. They are meant to provoke thought and interpretation by hopefully expressing visually the torment one’s soul often must endure. Creating something gives me a sense of purpose and I plan to keep that feeling alive by making more pieces and sharing them with others in the future.”


New Visions Studio & Gallery                                                                                                 201 Vine St., Scranton, PA                                                                                                   Hours of operation: Tuesday through Sunday 12pm to 6pm, and open later during classes and events.


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