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Congratulations to our Grant Winner!

Published: March 15, 2015

Medical Wing ESPTimmy Walsh, a young artist from Olyphant, has been awarded one of First Friday Scranton’s Judith Youshock Artist Grants. The grants hope to stimulate the local art scene by invigorating it with the same passion as Judith. The quarterly awards are received by artist in two age categories and based upon the artistic merit of the artists and their involvement and dedication in theĀ artistic field.
Timmy’s own inspiration comes from focusing o the work of another Pennsylvania artist, Andy Warhol. As a photographer, color and composition are cornerstones of Timmy’s work and connecting them to vision Warhol had comes as second nature.
“With Warhol being a leading figure in the creation of pop art, I, too, enjoy creating what some consider pop art. My photographs many times capture an angle or an object not seen by others. Beginning my work as a small child, people often commented on how I have an eye for photography. Ansel Adams, an American photographer, was one that I was regularly compared to. As I grew, Andy Warhol was more of an artist that I assimilated and found myself being drawn to. While I am still captured by the work of Adams, Warhol remains my favorite.”
Applications for our next round of grants are being accepted from April 1, 2105 – June 1, 2105. More information as well as applications can be found here.

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