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Published: October 23, 2013

1210_SanFrancsico_194-Edit-EditThe yin and yang of life; push-pull; consonance and dissonance, this is much of the discourse of modern art and well as commodification and a reliance on technology. Where do we fit in all of this. Sometimes as an observer documenting what is right in front of us hoping to reveal a new truth. Such is the art work of Eddie Ellard whose work will be on display at Northern Light Espresso on November 1, 2013 at First Friday Scranton.
According to Mr. Ellard:

Every positive must have a negative–therein lies the beauty of photography. Sometimes the finished product is better than one cold image; sometimes it’s a disappointment. My subject matter consists of nouns and verbs. The tools used to capture these sentences range from Polariod instant film cameras to the iPhone. I’m not seeking perfection, I just documenting the world that we live in.


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