Featured Artist: Maria Grzybowski

When looking at Maria Grzybowski’s paintings you cannot help but be struck by the influence that Mother Nature has upon them. Whether it is a flock of robins crying out, a technically rendered stag beetle machine or the deceptive charms of a not-so-wild orchid, the natural world plays a heavy role in all of her works.  And as Maria would tell you, it is a concern for her on a wider scale: “I’m thinking about the interdependency of all creatures, the overbearing presence of technology and the absence of nature from our daily lives.” And this observation carries through to her overall artistic direction and beliefs, “I think there is a need for all types of artists in the world. But I am particularly interested in the role of the artist as reintroducing people to nature in our world.” With an MA in Painting from Marywood University, and having studied abroad in Italy, Maria enjoys finding her inspiration organically: “I read a lot, go to museums and go into nature for inspiration. I keep a sketchbook with random thoughts and drawings. Eventually something comes together in a composition in my mind and I continue to think about it usually for weeks, before I start drawing.”
Presently teaching Elementary Art for the Scranton School District, Maria is researching children’s illustration while perfecting her craft. “I think an artist has the power to challenge society’s beliefs and prejudices, the power to bring beauty and contentment to views and the power to cause change.”
You’ll be able to bid on works from Maria’s collection and a number of other outstanding artists on Friday, May 11th, 6pm at the Scranton Cultural Center. To see more of Maria’s work, visit her here.