Meet the Biden Expressway Mural Artists @ AV

The John Park Art team is made up of lead designer and artist John Park and his business partner and fiancé Julie Hunter.

John was born in Seoul, Korea and raised in Columbus, Ohio. He showed an interest in art from a young age and went on to graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design where he studied figure drawing, oil painting, and anatomy. After school, he moved to Los Angeles where he produced and showed artwork through the gallery circuit as well as taught art in the Santa Monica private school sector for 13 years. Around 2012 John added mural work to his portfolio and was able to become a full time artist from that point forward.

Since then he has painted dozens of murals in multiple cities around America, although the majority of his murals can be found in Southern California. His work ranges from smaller private commissions for individuals to multi-thousand square foot murals for major corporations like Nike and Universal Music Group.

His work is defined by classical color and compositional theory blended with vibrant and bold modern elements, such as abstract backgrounds and genre mixing collage elements. But underneath all of it is a fundamental emphasis on the human form and human expression.

Julie is a NEPA native and the business manager for their company, John Park Art LLC. She pursues art as a hobby and is also John’s assistant who paints the backgrounds of the murals.

After graduating from Abington, Julie received her B.S. degree from Towson University before moving to Los Angeles in 2011 where she met John that same year. She spent the following 8 years working within hospitality management, ranging from luxury hotels to boutique properties along the coast.

In 2019 Julie kept her management experience but changed careers to go into business full time with John, establishing their LLC.

In addition to their business, Julie is the lead project manager for Beautify Earth, a creative agency that specializes in corporate mural campaigns.

Referring to themselves as perpetual refiners, John and Julie welcome the challenges that each new mural opportunity presents so that their practice and product become better with time and experience.