First Friday Scranton Artists

Rolfe Ross
“DRIVE BY SHOOTING” The photographs in this submittal are a part of my project Drive by Shooting which is derived from the imagery…basically street photographs shot from the car  while driving  in and around Scranton and other locations. This method of shooting allows me to discover more opportunities for finding interesting pictures… the challenge is to see and photograph them. I have made it a habit to always carry some type of camera whenever I leave home because one never can know when an opportunity to make an interesting photograph will pop up. Most photographers know the mantra “everything is subject” and pictures are everywhere…something working on this project has taught me the absolute truth of it.
Desiree Zielinski

Desiree Zielinski is a graphic designer from Scranton, PA. Digital art and photography are usually her primary mediums of choice. She currently works as Visual Strategist at Lavelle Strategy Group a local advertising and marketing agency in Scranton.

Her passion doesn’t stop at graphic design. She also has a passion for film as well. She has helped on many local film productions in the area dawning many hats from production assistant to production designer. As well as designing movie posters and props. Desiree also actively volunteers with the Northeast Pennsylvania Film Festival and the NEPA Film Society. 

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Jason Healey

Freelance photographer located in Pittston, Pa.  I mainly shoot nature, wildlife and travel.  

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Omar Rodriguez Jr.

Omar was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He graduated with honors with a degree in Fine Arts and Illustration from Luzerne County Community College where he currently teaches. An alumni of the Ani Art Academy Waichulis. Raised by spiritual and supportive parents, Omar drew on positive life experiences to shape his realism work.


“It’s not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them that defines us” 

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H.W. Yorkonis

H.W. Creates art that focuses on women empowerment, using mixed media to showcase her works. H.W. also enjoys creating cubist portraits, acrylic on canvas while embellishing with vintage found objects. Her technique adds layers of texture to embrace and convey her messages in supporting women and art!
Her current series of Women Warriors are showcased throughout the Scranton area, her latest project is women empowerment apparel that support the local women’s shelter. Follow/Like @h.w.yorkonis

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Gloria Lona

Welcome to my menagerie of yarn and paint! I've gone through periods of drawing, painting, crochet, and jewelry-making, and I'm always looking for the next form of expression.

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Jordan Slater
Christine Medley

Christine earned a MFA in printmaking from the University of Maryland and her Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She has worked as graphic designer and educator for over 25 years and has been a printmaker since the 1980s. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, she has followed a family tradition of letterpress printing and is the owner of a community letterpress studio housed at The Workshop in downtown Scranton. Presently, Christine is an associate professor of graphic design and printmaking at Marywood University.

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Thomas E. Gallagher

There is not much to tell. I retired on March 27, 2020, and I will now have more time to pursue my love of nature and photography. There is so much nature has to offer and I don't believe we, as a community, appreciate that enough. I would like to help in reminding others of how important the natural world is to us all.

Ansel Adams is my inspiration and my aspiration. I do not photograph in black & white only but I do strive to capture the magic and wonder of the natural world we live in.

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Earlene Russell

Earlene Russell is a third-generation artist. Her work has been on display in galleries, art shows and art completions. One of her paintings:"Over Above and Beyond" was featured on the College of the Atlantic web site in 2009. She enjoys working in oils, acrylics and watercolors.

"My goal as an artist is to develop paintings that are a true expression of common places and things that are all around us. With each stroke, all my effort is devoted to creating art rather than attempting to recreate a place or an item." 

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Jennifer Ackerman

I’m a digital portrait artist of both people and pets. 

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Suzanne Steinberg

My journey as an artist began at a very young age. As a child of a navy officer I was born in Jacksonville Florida but soon after moved abroad to Rota Spain. One of my earliest memories is of walking the cobblestone streets of Rota to find chalk artists creating masterpieces there on the narrow and sun sprinkled streets. The color beauty and raw emotion that can be sewn into a work of art amazed me then, at a very young age as it still does today. It is only after I have brought these three elements together that I know a painting is complete.
As a professional expressionistic artist working predominantly in oil paint I strive to translate the emotional experience through the use of light color and composition. Pulling directly from my past but also equally inspired by my home here in Pennsylvania.

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Chrissy Grunza

A little about this specific collection:
"Breaking Illusion: A Remix of Musical Life"
Some say music is like a dream. What if those dreams intertwined into our reality? They'd become something spectacular!
Each piece in "A Remix of Musical Life" was inspired by a real musicians instrument. It was then paired with life inspiration to create a magical moment to share with the world. 

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Vince Galea

Vince Galea is an illustrator and designer based in the Scranton area. Working in various mediums including digital, pen and ink, gouache, and water color paints. He does commission portraits and sign work.

Art for sale.

Kyle Kuczma

I’m an abstract expressionist who works with acrylic paint on canvas. I love to find new ways to bring colors, shapes, brush strokes, patterns, and feelings to life on a canvas and leave every piece open to interpretation. I’m also a photographer and enjoy shooting creative portraits and scenic landscapes.

Art for sale

Danielle Lehtinen
Jury Award Mediterranean Contemporary Art, Italy, 2019
Recent Solo Exhibitions:
  • Mao, Warsaw, Poland, 10/2019
  • Botoxflowers, Warsaw, Poland, 10/2019-ongoing
  • Gallery 18, Bronx, NY, US, 8/2019
  • Borowski Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, 3/2019
  • Spektrum Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, 1/2019
  • Artquake-3, Istanbul, Turkey, 4/2020
  • Artist & Agent Exhibit, Halstead RE, Brooklyn, 11/2019-ongoing
  • Mediterranean Contemporary Art, Italy, Jury Award, 2019
  • Power of Art Yellow/Green, Koneser, Warsaw, 2019
On Loan:
  • Pediatric Dentistry, Brooklyn

MA, MPhil, ABD, Columbia; Educator: Columbia, NYU, Parsons School of Design, P.S. 58, Brooklyn
Member AFA Artists for Art, Scranton, PA

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Michael Glenn

Just a guy from Brooklyn, living in PA, who loves the draw. Graphite pencils or colored pencils. Love drawing animals like elephants and tigers, giraffes, and sea life like sea turtles, whales and sharks and dolphins. Also enjoy drawing the female figure.

Art for sale

United Neighborhood Centers

We are a non-profit organization that specializes in community outreach. My name is John Washicosky and I am the Youth Arts Coordinator for the organization. I facilitate after-school art programming for youths between the ages of 5 and 18. We normally have venues throughout Scranton on First Friday that shows off photography and other art forms from our participants.


Roe Robertson

Hello. I am Roe and a lifelong Scranton resident. Last year on First Friday in April I had 400 of my students display their art outside of the pink pedal on Wyoming Avenue. It was the greatest night ever. I would love to be able to Showcase some of my work and more importantly some of theirs that I have on me since schools were closed. We started distance learning today and the kids can send me the work that they are doing. Thank you for the opportunity. We would love to participate if you have the room.

Raymond Bird

Ray Bird is a self taught artist. Ray is a Taylor resident for the last 10 years and his preferred medium is spray paint.

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Mark Charles Rooney

BFA from Tyler School of Art, Phila. PA 1981 MFA Md. Institute, Balt. MD. 1983 Temple Abroad, Rome, Italy 1980 I have participated in over 100 exhibitions worldwide since 1977, including several at the AFA gallery in Scranton. I am currently scheduled to participate in a 5 person exhibit at the AFA gallery in July and I will have my work featured on the Great Wall of Honesdale this coming May. I am also an arts educator with 35 years experience teaching painting, drawing and art appreciation at many colleges and universities. I currently teach at Penn State, Hazleton.

Art for sale

Ashley Colan

My name is Ashley Colan. I am a professional artist and an elementary school art teacher with the SSD. Lately, most of my work has been commission based acrylic portraits on either canvas or converse high tops. My personal work is much more abstract and experimental. I am hoping to be ready for a possible 1st Friday this summer.

Maggie Willis

Maggie Willis works in a variety of media and is an adjunct professor at Misericordia University. She is involved with the Street Art Society of NEPA, and lives in Dallas, PA.

Art for sale

Maureen Duffy

Local designer of jewelry and womens fashion accessories. Nature and Fashion Photography enthusiasts.

Art for sale

Stephanie Stelmach-Molski

SugarBritches Studios is the artwork of Stephanie Stelmach-Molski. It was founded on the idea of living your life loud, living your life bold and living your life unapologetic. Let’s embrace our own crazy and live life in full color. I've always painted and have emphasized on color and abstract. But, now I want to experiment and create to enjoy and hopefully inspire other to embrace their own color and own crazy creative sides.

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John O'Connell

Full time artist/illustrator. I do a lot of caricature and humorous illustration, though I can do realism equally. I'm currently painting murals at Mohegan Sun Arena (about 30 to date). I do animation, and have taught it as well.
I work traditionally and digitally.
Available for commission work, teaching/mentoring online during the current crisis.

Art for sale

Constance Denchy

I have posted a series of recent works from my COVID19 Artist's Quarentine Residency via cellphone screenshots

Taylor Guttesman & Marywood University
This proposal is for a group of works of multiple artists titled “Exploring my Identity as a Developing Art Therapist: An Online Exhibition” This exhibition is co-curated by the Dr. Ashley Hartman and the graduate art therapy students enrolled in the Museum-based Art Therapy course at Marywood University. This exhibition highlights mixed-media works that explore the narrative of graduate art therapy students’ response to their development in professional identity and the aspirations they have regarding their future art therapy practice. These mixed-media pieces include a component of handmade paper, created during opens-studio creative art workshop or independently by each student.
Iraina Caramelli

I work in most 2 dimensional media (Mixed media, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, pen&ink, printmaking). I have taught painting and drawing for about 40 years. I studied at Pratt Institute and graduated from Parsons School of Design. I live in the Pocono Mountains, full time for 30 years, where I continue to be inspired by nature. I love painting landscapes and often will incorporate the human form. I have taught for the Pocono Arts Council for many years.

Donna Borgia
My name is Donna Borgia and I am a local Headshot and Portrait Photographer. I became addicted to the human face with my first photography class in high school and been addicted ever since!
Jodie McMillan
I'm a newly Self-taught acrylic painter, discovering my love for painting Fall of 2019. I am a wife and a mom as well as a classically trained Pastry Chef, currently working as a Food Service Director for a local school district. I am 1 of 14 finalists out of over 1000 entries in the Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau Wine Label Contest. Winner to be announced later this Spring.
Ashley Caswell
My name is Ashley Caswell. I am located in Scranton PA. I am an artist who makes paint pours, geode inspired paintings, and other projects that works with resin. Art for sale.
Ali Pica
My work embodies a series of photography I captured within my journey throughout the United States. I believe traveling has shaped me as an artist and individual—every place has something to teach us. My journey has inspired the way I see angles, such as ornate moldings on historical buildings, the feel of Spanish moss, to peoples’ faces as they give directions to those whom are lost. In my work, I aim to exhibit beauty from the simplistic. Consequently, my goal is to demonstrate how looking through a tiny viewfinder on a camera can expand our perception of the world. Art for sale.
CMYKlub at Marywood University
Graphic design majors and minors at Marywood University make up the membership of the CMYKlub. The theme we chose for this month was gardens and nature.
Mark Darnobid

My work focuses mainly on nautical themes and animal life that I consider to be interesting. I work mainly in ink and watercolor, but also use gouache.


Art for sale.

Audrey J. Ross
Audrey J. Ross is an artist and writer from Clarks Summit, PA. When she isn't playing games on her computer or working on craft projects, she can be found reading poetry at the local bars or enjoying tea in a coffee shop. She is currently a senior studying writing at Lackawanna College, and she has been accepted in Villanova's graduate history program. Art for sale
Kevin Furst
Kevin Furst is a landscape and nature photographer who lives in the Pocono Mountains. He has a passion for exploring and the outdoors. On any given day, you can find him knee deep in a cool mountain creek, kayaking along the banks of a lake or camping under the stars. Kevin is most at home when he is completely immersed in nature. Art for sale
JC LaChette
Now in my 40s, I seek new ways to be creative and to express the rollercoaster of emotions upon which my mental and physical health often take me. I picked up a paintbrush hoping to do just that - and found peace on the canvas. Painting has become a source of light in darkness and calm in storms, as well as plain old fun. In addition to painting, I love writing, metal and alternative music, D&D and gaming, and spending time with my fiance, Tony, who is my greatest source of encouragement and love. Art for sale
Michelle Thomas
I began my formal art education at Keystone College in LaPlume, PA in the late 70's. My art has grown and developed through various workshops over the years. Learning from fellow artists has been invaluable. I’ve participated in group and juried shows at the EMCA, Tunkhannock, Wyoming County Courthouse, Tunkhannock, AFA Gallery, Scranton, and Wyoming Valley Art League, Wilkes Barre, and more recently at the Salmagundi in New York City with the Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic as well as The Art of the State in Harrisburg. Art for sale
Joseph Bowser
Art for sale.
Caitlin Allyson
This body of work is a reflection of my time spent in nature; observing and being present. The capturing of small moments, slowing down, and appreciating the beauty that surrounds us, uplifts me. As you gaze upon these photos, I hope you can feel the same essence that I felt when taking them. I hope they bring you the joy, love, and peace they bring me. Soak in the nature that forever weaves within. Art for sale.

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