M = Live Music S = Open Saturday

1.) Analog Culture – “GUESS WHO’S BACK” by artists VINZ & GRAFF. Live music by VINZ. M S

2.) AFA Gallery – “Illuminated Echoes: Ancient Games and Youth Artistry”- UNC”s Illumination Youth Arts Program Students. S

3.) Bar Pazzo – “Disordered Diaries” by artist Amanda Robinson. S

4.) Garden Mediterranean Restaurant – “Ghost of a Star” by artists Kelsey Mitchell & Alex Tomlinson. S

5.) Little Wild Refillery – “Parks and Appreciation” by United Neighborhood Centers of Northeastern Pennsylvania. S

6.) Scranton Art Haus – Public Paint on a Canvas event. Karaoke with Taliyah Smith. M S

7.) The Shakes Space – “All the Things” by artist Mark Loughney. S

8.) The University of Scranton Hope Horn Gallery – “Our Common Home: Landscapes from the University of Scranton Art Collection” by various artists. S

9.) The Workshop – Photography by the Marywood Shutterbugs

10.) Urban Co-Works – “Symphony in Hues” group showing.

11.) ArtWorks Gallery & Studio – “Heart of Glass” by artist Lauren Kuhn. Live music by Steve Werner. M

12.) Joy World Wealth Partners – Danny Laffey “Presents” by Danny Laffey Contemporary & Abstract Art. Live music by Carmen Scrimalli. M


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