First Friday Scranton Map: February 2023


M = Live Music S = Open Saturday

1.) Analog Culture – “Art & Poetry” by Dannie Rae & Ryan Jay. Live music. M S

2.) Bazaar Skateshop – Various works by artist Matt Rattigan. S

3.) Hope Horn Gallery – “A New Understanding: Paintings by Travis Prince”.

4.) Little Wild Refillery – “Wisecrack” by artist Joanna Wallace. S

5.) Northern Lights Espresso Bar & Cafe – Illumination Youth Arts by United Neighborhood Centers. S

6.) Spice Asian Market – “Winter’s Turn: Recent Works in Painting and Mixed Media” by artist Sam Kuchwara. S

7.) The Bog – “ASCENSION” by artist Kim Simmel. S

8.) The Garden Restaurant – “Electrified” by artist and musician Jenny Matthews. Live music. M S

9.) The Giving Tree Wellness Center – “Through These Crystal Eyes” by artist Emily Mckeel. S

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