First Friday Scranton Map: January 6, 2017


M = Live Music S = Open Saturday

1. Analog Culture Vinyl @ that store downtown, various artists. Music by K.A.N.O.B.I.
2. AOS Metals
AOS Metals by Kari Johnson. Handmade artists from across the country.
3. Bar Pazzo
Concert Photography, various artists. Music by Dustin Douglas.
4. Hilton Scranton & Conference Center
New Year, various artists. Music by Sugar Ray Nemets.
5. Library Express Bookstore
“Scranton’s Automotive Heritage”: Exhibit and Book Signing by
Ron Moskalczak and the Lackawanna Historical Society.
6. Loyalty Barber Shop
Rising Wave by Jonesy.
7. NOTE Fragrances
Notes of Winter. Explore 6 new scents in our Custom Perfume Studio.
8. On&On
New Year – Old Stuff- A Celebration of Vintage. Various artists.
9. Tammy’s Stained Glass Treasures
Breaking Glass by Tamara Pilger. A local Stained and Fused Glass artist with a new store on Adams Avenue.
10. Terra Preta Restaurant
Welcome to Scranton by Elizabeth Sompel. Music by DJ Honeyman Lightnin’.
11. AFA Gallery
Second reception of the December 2016 Members’ Exhibition, Various Artists.
12. The Marketplace at Steamtown
New Year Market, various artists. Live Music.

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