Hometown Star 2010!

First Friday Scranton is honored to have been a part of the 2010 SAGE Awards. Additionally, our feelings are indescribable to have won the Hometown Star Award! The winners of the various categories were announced on Thursday evening, November 11, 2010 at the inaugural Awards Gala celebration at the Mellow Theater, Lackawanna College. The SAGE Awards, which stand for Scranton Awards for Growth and Excellence, celebrate the outstanding efforts of the local business community and their talent, creativity, and innovation in a challenging business environment.
What a beautiful and exciting evening. It was an impressive black-tie event complete with a red carpet. We even got some Hollywood glam with guests such as Steve Burgess and Michael Gallenberg who are production executives for “The Office”.
The significance of the Hometown Star Award is great. The award was created to honor an individual or organization which has made a significant economic impact on our area by conducting an event in Lackawanna County. Eligibility included: making a significant economic impact on Lackawanna County as well as having a social, historical and charitable contribution. First Friday Scranton certainly fits that bill and we couldn’t feel better about it!
A big warm thank you to The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce for making all this happen!