Meet the FF April Artist: Omar Rodriguez Jr.

Name: Omar Rodriguez Jr

Town: Clark’s summit

Medium(s): graphite, oil, pastel

What got you into creating art? Probably my Mom. She was so creative and had an eye for detail. As a child I remember going to craft shows with her setting up her booth. She had a way to  bring in a crowd. I remember she was always professional but always had a welcoming presence, something I truly admired about her.

What work do you most enjoying doing? Portraits. I love drawing/painting portraits in multiple mediums, especially the eyes. I feel you can tell a lot by a person through their eyes. So I make sure I put a lot of focus on them in my own work.

What’s your favorite artwork? I have so many. One that always stood out to me and my family was Michelangelo’s sculpture, The Pieta. It’s a powerful piece that really moved us all.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? Probably from my older sister Tonya: “Draw or paint what you see”. She has a way of breaking things down simply that I always got.

What inspires you? My faith first. Always giving God the glory. Then my Mom. She would encourage me to follow my joys and passions in life. And to do it in full.

Favorite artists? Not for just his amazing works but his final words:
“I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have.” – Leonardo da Vinci

What do you enjoy about First Friday? The community. And to connect with others.  Art is your own and what you make of it.

Where do you see your art going in the next year? I don’t. I like to stay in the moment day by day. And one of the greatest joys is to put smiles on other people’s faces when they come across works of mine.


Ragnarok Hulk

medium: pastel drawing on canson toned paper

Size: 8×10

Price if needed: $550

Young Frankenstein – Gene Wilder

Medium: graphite drawing

Size: 8×10

Price: $250

Golden Passenger

Medium: oil painting

Size: 3×5

Price: currently displayed at Trinity Gallery in Scranton, contact the gallery if interested

Christopher Reeves Superman

Medium: graphite drawing

Size: 8×10

Price: $250

Showers in Season

Medium: oil painting on Masonite board

Size: 8×10

Price: currently displayed at Trinity Gallery in Scranton, contact the gallery if interested