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Meet the FF April Artist: Suzanne Steinberg

Published: April 17, 2020

Name: Suzanne Steinberg 

Town: Lehighton, PA 

Medium: Oil

What got me into Art: I would have to say, a natural curiosity to create. I just never stopped coloring in the walls. Just now I use oil and canvas.
What I most enjoy: Painting plain air, in nature.
Favorite artwork: Landscape, Many impressionistic old master painters.
Best piece of advice: Paint everyday 

Inspiration: When the light of the sun or the moon touches the earth, creating shades, hues, so many different colors. It’s amazing. Beautiful. Nature keeps going, through it all. Everyday is a gift, if I can just capture a sliver of that beauty, It’s a good day.
Favorite artists: Edward Seago, Claude Monet, Innes, Manet 

What I enjoy about FF? I think it’s amazing as a community we can all come together, to support local shops, socialize, meet new people, put differences aside and just enjoy art and community.
Where do I see my art in the next year: I would like to think my art will evolve into a more impressionistic style, bolder brush stokes and simplified subjects. 

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