Meet the FF June Artist: JC LaChette

Name: JC LaChette

Town: Scranton, PA

Medium(s): Acrylic on Canvas; Mixed Media

What got you into creating art? For a long time, I sought a way to express my thoughts and frustrations with my mental and physical health. I tried various outlets, including writing, but writing always seemed like work. After expressing an interest – but not realizing a talent – for painting, my fiance suggested I give it a shot anyway. “There’s such a thing as abstract art, you know.” were his words – and so I gave it a try – and discovered a talent. Who knew, at almost 41 years old, I would realize a talent I never knew I had and embark on an artistic journey. Sometimes I paint for fun; other times to be a voice when I don’t have one.

What work do you most enjoying doing? Abstract art – I love motion. I love to create “explosions” of color. And I love spirals. I started – and am continuing a series called “the Fibonacci series” which features all different styles and colors of spirals. As a math nerd, it combined two of my loves.

What’s your favorite artwork? Of my own? A tie between a piece called “raspberry supernova” and one called “moonlight” from the Fibonacci series. Of someone else’s, a piece called “Eternal Silence of Infinite Spaces” by Christopher Lyter

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? “Stop being so hard on yourself.” and “Keep doing pieces with motion.”

What inspires you? Color palettes; sometimes I see a group of colors and it inspires me to paint a piece featuring those colors. Also shapes, math, astronomy, emotions, frustrations. My inspirations are as varied as my pieces.

Favorite artists? Christopher Lyter, Valeria Di Santo, Jude Remedios

What do you enjoy about First Friday? Seeing all the great things Scranton has to offer; seeing how much talent we have in our little city.

Where do you see your art going in the next year? Hopefully continuing to improve as I learn new techniques and have new ideas; I would love to see my art reach people and inspire those who are afraid to try, as well as those going through some of the same frustrations as I am. And of course, I would love to be able to have art be a source of income.