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NOTE Fragrances Hosts Fragrance Launch Party

Published: October 2, 2016

With the art of perfumery dating back to the Egyptians and religious ceremonies, modern alchemy involves launch parties and craft cocktails. Perfumery will be the art medium, a first of its kind for First Friday, where perfumer and founder of NOTE Fragrances, Danielle Fleming will showcase her passion-filled fragrance with perfectly decadent edible pairings.
“When you launch a fragrance, it is like having a child in a sense. It takes months to make, it’s certainly a challenge and the end result melts your heart. You become a part of it. It becomes a part of you. And this fragrance is almost 2 years in the making so I am very excited to launch it”, says Fleming.

The said fragrance is called ‘Blood Orange Chocolat’, a classic gourmand fragrance for women. “Gourmand aromas are the notes that smell edible. Think honey, chocolate and caramel drizzle. They are often called foodie fragrances or olfactory desserts. They are rich, decadent and sultry and perfect for the fall and winter seasons.”

At the launch party, guests will be invited to indulge their senses with Ms. Fleming’s fragrance and other local delicacies.
SNIFF: the finished fragrance as well as some individual notes that will be featured
SIP: blood orange bourbon smash craft cocktail with a spiced vanilla rim
SAVOR: blood orange brownies, chocolate mandarin cupcakes by Lynn Sandies, butter toffee bits and chocolate caramel bites from Nibbles & Bits
SWAG: swag bags filled with goodies including macaroons from Lola Dessert Shoppe, for the first 25 guests

The event will take place from 6-9 pm at their Scranton location on the corner of Wyoming and Spruce on Friday, October 7th. 2ozbloodorgchoc

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