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Scranton Civic Ballet Company Presents In Concert

Published: March 19, 2009

As refreshing as a spring bouquet, In Concert, the Scranton Civic Ballet Company’s spring ballet production will be held on Sunday, April 5th at 2pm at the Scranton Cultural Center Weinberger Theater.
The Civic Ballet Company, under the artistic direction of Miss Helen Gaus, will interpret the images of art from AFA Gallery artists, and dance to the live music of Doug Smith Dixieland All-Star Band and Ed Wardo-Jay Steveskey Flute and Classical Guitar Duo.
The Cabaret style music, inseparable from the choreography, in “Tribute to Eartha Kitt” will feature senior dancers performing to the live music from Doug Smith’s Band. This visual-audio combo will escort you to a most memorable nightclub experience. “Appalachian Journey” will take you through the mountains and music of the Appalachia people.  For the playful in us all, the “Selfish Giant” fairytale will be told by the younger members of the Civic Ballet Company, featuring Karl Barbee as the Giant. The senior dancers perform “Spanish Danses” to the classical sounds of the Wardo-Steveskey Duo.  With the tender music matched to exquisite choreography, your heart will tell you that not only spring, but romance as well, is finally back in Scranton!
Three works of art from the AFA Gallery artists will be interpreted by company dancers “Paintings at an Exhibition”.  The Cultural Center’s lobby and ballroom will be filled with AFA Gallery’s works for the April 5th performance. Ticket holders are welcome to enjoy light refreshments and a wide variety of artwork including watercolor, oils, acrylic, sculpture and photography of the AFA Gallery artists before the performance! Judy Youshock , AFA Gallery artist and Civic Ballet Advisory board member commented on the unique opportunity to bring multiple art-forms together.  “We are always happy to participate in collaborative experiences with other area artists. It is a unique opportunity to support each other as well.” Other local artists involved with the production are Helen Kasarda, who has made all costumes and the Civic Ballet’s lighting designer Rich Larsen.
Tickets for In Concert, Scranton Civic Ballet’s fresh and exciting ballet production on April 5th are now available from the Scranton Cultural Center, 344-1111, and are $14. For more information, please contact the Civic Ballet Company at 343-0115.

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