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Scranton Shakespeare’s Rising Stars: Youthful Encore

Published: September 25, 2023

Scranton Shakespeare’s Rising Stars: Youthful Encore

This title reflects the essence of the festival, the involvement of young performers, and the idea of a captivating and youthful reimagining of Shakespearean classics. It also showcases the idea that the exhibition features young and talented performers who are like “rising stars” in the world of Shakespearean theater.

Brandon Lam, a young photographer with five years of experience, embarked on his journey as an East Coast Wedding Documentary photographer just three years ago. His initial steps involved creating cringy music videos, which, despite the awkwardness, fueled his interest in visual storytelling. Over time, he transitioned to capturing the genuine emotions and interactions that make life beautiful.

Brandon’s work now spans various photography genres, from weddings and portraits to theater, all rooted in his commitment to fostering genuine connections and capturing candid moments with each individual that is in front of his lens. His youth infuses his work with fresh creativity, allowing him to push the boundaries of traditional storytelling.

Brandon Lam is the artist for you if you seek a photographer passionate about portraying your true self through street-inspired storytelling. His dedication to capturing life’s beauty through his lens, combined with his unique perspective and creativity, ensures each moment, whether on stage or in daily life, is an authentic and timeless memory.



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