This Is Our Therapy

The Vintage Theater
Friday February 7, 2014; 6-9PM

1597065_699126673460476_1385453953_oThis Is Our Therapy

The Marywood University Student Art Therapy Association (MUSATA) is proud to showcase “This is Our Therapy.” Art therapy combines the natural healing nature of art with the traditional ways of therapy. As students of art therapy, they have used art for personal healing, and believe creative self-expression feeds the soul and cleanses the mind. “This is Our Therapy” is a presentation of the many ways they have found personal healing through art and the creative process as well as a display of who they are as artists.
Featuring the work of: Jackie Shukis, Jacqui Reynolds, Lainey Anderson, Sandy Rayman, MillyJean Helvick, Kaitlyn Briggs, Alexandra Kay, Ashley Logar, Emily Dwyer, Jessica Tullo, Sarah Connolly, Kelsey McFerran, Rachel Dolk, Kathleen Magrino, Samantha Faul, Carli Salvati, Sara Haberzettl, Jackie Damiano, Courtney Sanchez, Sara Rigoliosi, Kiersten Rauch, Morgan Downs, Adrianna Hine, Brooke Personius, Clarissa Wilson, Moira McGovern, Marisa Richmond, and Eileen Botha.