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Wrapping-up First Friday Scranton April 4, 2014

Published: April 14, 2014

“There is good reason to assume that the new century, our present time, is in need of some new theories. Cracks have long begun to show in the framework of last century’s traditionally dominant philosophies. That applies even to the likes of the Frankfurt School, Marxism, Structuralism, and Deconstruction, which have also shaped the politically ambitious art theories of recent decades: their proponents may still be at the helm, and still directing the discourse, but the days of their explanatory and discursive hegemony are well and truly over,” at least that what Armen Avanessian in 21st Century Theory (Spring 2013) believes as do many theorists.
Found expression is an apt description for that is what was discovered from viewing the work by the many college art students who exhibited at April’s First Friday. They put forth their mettle and expressive discourse in a tour de force of mediums. Did it spark a new found interest in any of the viewers, a new pattern of thinking or evaluating? In the past it was innovative theories that were broadened and disseminated by artists. Perhaps these tyros can start a new revolution? Perhaps.

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